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Mother’s Day Cricut Subway Art

by Richelle Naegle

Want to make a Mother’s Day Craft that she can enjoy year round? Subway art is a very trendy craft right now and it allows you to personalize to fit your taste. While I wish I could say this is a fast and easy project, I must admit that it does take some time and some patience. The easy part of subway art project is there are no rules, no guidelines, and you are free to say what you want and design it the way you choose. By simply turning words on their side or adding simple images you can easily change the feel and design of what I’ve created below into something personal to you. You can use all the same font and just change the size, or if you wish, use a variety of fonts and sizes to create your one of a kind masterpiece. Mother's Day Subway Art

For this Mother’s Day Cricut subway art I used my Explore Air machine, and the Cricut Design space software. You could also just as easily make it using your gypsy or the Cricut Craftroom just as easily. Or even your Silhouette or other die cutting machine software would work just as easily. I don’t know that I would recommend that you do it without some sort of software though, as it’s hard to make sure all the widths and heights and spacing is going to work before you cut out and waste a lot of Cricut vinyl (but you can use any vinyl), and not to mention time.

OK, so back to the project at hand. I used a 11″ x 14″ piece of wood and painted it all white, you will want to make sure that you don’t have a lot of paint on the board, just enough to cover the wood completely. If you have too much paint when you are trying to peal the transfer tape up it will pick some of the paint off the board.

While I didn’t want this project to be all one color, I selected a few vinyl colors mostly using CGull vinyl and a couple of the colors are from the Cricut vinyl line. Some of the fonts are from my own computer fonts, and some are from the various fonts off the Cricut cartridges, such as Kate’s ABC’s, Chalkboard font, Everyday Fonts, Birthday Cakes, Elegant cakes and Boys Will Be Boys. Any font cartridges you have will work, and their are also some great font cartridges that have many fonts such as the Everyday Font Cricut cartridge has seven fonts so with one cartridge you can have the best of both worlds.

After you have your design ready to go then you can cut out all your words and images using your Cricut machine, and then carefully “weed” out all your unwanted vinyl, then using the vinyl transfer tape to carefully place your vinyl cut outs onto your board making sure that they are lined up and straight. Then carefully remove your transfer tape leaving the vinyl on your board.

Want to simplify this project?

If you wanted to make this project simpler you could cut out all the vinyl using the same color, so that you just have one large piece of vinyl that is already spaced perfectly, from when you designed it.

I hope you have enjoyed this Mother’s Day Craft Project, and that I have inspired you to make something beautiful for you or your mother for Mother’s Day. If you have any Mother’s Day or Subway art craft project that you have made share them with us on our Facebook page or on our Google+ page. Remember to save on Cricut Font cartridges.

Happy creating!

Mother’s Day Scrapbook Layout

by Richelle Naegle

Cricut Mother's Day Layout

Now that we are done with Easter it’s time to get working on Mother’s Day Cricut projects, I have a home decor project that I am working on, for Mother’s Day I will have it done soon and share it with you. Since we have about three weeks I figured I would get my scrapbook layout ready so that I won’t have worry about that and can just concentrate on making gifts and cards.

So for this layout I use the Kate’s ABC’s Cricut cartridge for the flowers. They were made from paper cut out at 4″. They are also raised up using pop dots (you can’t tell that in the picture but added a lot of good dimension on the layout it’s self.

Then Happy Mother’s Day is cut out from the Phrases Cricut cartridge I have never used this cartridge before thinking that I have plenty of phrases on other cartridges and if I don’t have it I can just make it up with letters. But I actually love how this title turned out. The image has three layers instead of just the two. This allows the Mother’s to stand out more. It also has the shadow option that I didn’t use. Anyway I love how it added that extra layer to make Mother’s stand out, makes it look more like you designed it your self rather than just having it cut from a cartridge.

Helpful Tip:

When you are pre-making pages for your scrapbook album, I suggest you don’t glue down any parts that overlap your photo squares. Such as the flower on the left hand side don’t glue it onto the photo square it’s self just glue it to the background. Other wise when you go to insert your photo’s in you will have to lift it up and may risk tearing your paper and ruining your cuts. Or have to cut your picture smaller or funny to make it fit. Yes I did learn this the hard way a few times 🙂

Share your Mother’s Day Scrapbook layout with us. You can share them on our Paper Crafting Fanatic Page or on Facebook, we love to be inspired by you! Save on Cricut cartridges online, as well as the Cricut Explore Air.

Happy creating!

Cricut Easter Craft Projects: Easter Layout, Cards

by Richelle Naegle

happy Easter card made with Cricut

The Easter holiday is quickly approaching and now is the time to get all your Easter crafts done, that way when the holiday is here you can just sit back and enjoy your family and friends. I wanted to make a fun yet easy card for the Easter season, as it’s not one of the big holiday’s I send out cards for, but there are a couple family and friends that live far and I want to make sure they know I am thinking about them this holiday season.

So using the Noah’s ABC Animals Cricut cartridge which I wouldn’t generally go to for an Easter craft but can I tell you that I absolutely love this bunny! This cartridge also has the 3D option so you could make some fun 3D bunnies for a table decoration if you wanted. The overall size of the card is 5 x 5 and the scrapbook paper bunny is cut out at 4.5”.

For this project I used the Cricut Explore and now that I have had a little time to play with this machine I am going to start doing video’s while it’s not hard to learn it has a little bit of a learning curve. But one of my favorite features of this machine is that you can draw with it. This is great for me as I do have stamps and use them often but I don’t love stamps and would rather print something on my paper. So using the Cricut Explore I drew the Happy Easter using the Elegant Cake Art Font at 1.5” I absolutely love how it turned out and I will defiantly be using this feature a lot. Continue reading “Cricut Easter Craft Projects: Easter Layout, Cards” »