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Win CGull Embossing Folders

by Richelle Naegle

3/18/14 Contest Update: Congratulations to the winners

  • Jaydena McKanthur
  • Karen Wilde
  • Valerie Peek Breingan
  • Marie-Claude Akeson
  • Julie Beckert

Contest Info

To simultaneously celebrate national craft month and announce the new Cricut cartridge we are hosting a giveaway. 5 will be selected as winners and the prize is 6 CGull embossing folders for each winner!!!

To enter all you have to do is share a link and a hashtag on Facebook or Google+, and you can enter twice if you post to both social networks. (See instructions at bottom of article)

Home for the Holidays – Spring & Summer Cricut Cartridge

The giveaway is in conjunction with the announcement of the latest Cricut cartridge, called Home for the Holidays – Spring and Summer.  If you like to keep your house festive all year round then this is one cartridge that you will want to add to your collection. With great home décor projects for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and the 4th of July, decorating your home all year round just got a little easier.  Whether you are into making garland for your summer parties or want to try your hand at making custom throw pillows with iron on vinyl. The Home for the Holiday’s – Spring & Summer Cricut Cartridge is perfect for you.

How to Enter (Facebook)

The instructions are very simple.  All you have to do is go to your Facebook newsfeed and:

  1. say what you think about the new cartridge,
  2. this step is so important: you have to hashtag your post so that we can find and track it…hashtag it #craftdirecthomefortheholidays
  3. share a link to like this:
    cgull giveaway
  4. Click the “Post” button in blue at the bottom right.

How to Enter (Google+)

I’ll provide more detailed steps for Google+ because less users are familiar with it:

  1. On your Google+ page find a sharing module that appears like so:
  2. Select the “Link” icon.
  3. In the field labeled “Attach:” add the link
  4. You must remember to include the hashtag and your thoughts on the cartridge.  Without the hashtag we will not be able to track your post, so include #craftdirecthomefortheholidays
  5. Choose share, the green button on the bottom left.

Check Back Tuesday for the Announcement of the Winners

The contest closes Monday night at 11:59 pm ET. Be sure to share a link on both social networks to double your chance of winning. If you don’t win, stay tuned. We will have plenty more opportunities with our giveaways in celebration of National Craft month. Check out the amazing CGull totes. Happy creating!

Edge to Edge Cricut Cartridge Ideas

by Richelle Naegle

Cricut Happy Spring LayoutThis fun springtime layout was created using the Edge to Edge Cricut cartridge for the background of the layout as well as the Create a Critter, Ribbons & Rosettes, and Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art cartridge for the rest of this layout. I know that’s quite a few cartridges for one layout, but I love how it turned out.

Edge to Edge Cricut Cartridge ideas

This is just the layout with the Edge to Edge Cricut cut

The main goal was to show you what you could do with the Edge-to-Edge cartridge, but as I was trying to figure out what to do with the layout with just that image it just wasn’t working. So after thinking about it I figured that this cartridge is best used for a scrapbook layout as a decorative background so instead of spending money on expensive paper, or searching for the perfect colors of background paper, you just use this cartridge to create your own.

So that’s what I did, used this cartridge for the background image. I cut it out at 11 ¾ so that I could get it the largest it would fit on a 12 x 12 sheet. You can easily just select the fit to page size on your machine and let it calculate it, it’s self so you don’t have to worry about how big you can actually fit the image.

Now for the rest of this layout! The grass at the bottom is from Ribbons & Rosettes Cricut cartridge I used the border 1 x 3 and cut the cardstock out at 1.12” using my gypsy. In order to get the grass to go from one edge to the other without having an edge I made it longer and used a 12 x 24 but only a 12 x 12 paper so that it would cut on the mat just a little on each side but not leave a border on the grass.

Spring sun layoutFrom Create a Critter I cut out the sun at 3” and the tulips at 4” and the butterfly’s out at 1.5” with all their layers. I added a few pop up dots between the layers on the sun to give it some dimension. As well as embossed all the little parts of the butterfly, sun and flowers to give them some fun dimension as well.

Happy spring was cut out from the Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art cartridge at 3” and the photo squares are made for two 4 x 6 photo’s as well as 4 3 x 3 photo’s. All though this layout was a lot of cutting and a little time consuming for all the gluing in all it’s a pretty easy layout.

Share Your Edge to Edge Creations

Do you have any fun Edge to Edge Cricut cartridge ideas that you have to share with us? This is definitely one of my new favorite cartridges so I want to see your ideas. Share them on our Paper Crafting Fanatics Google + page or Facebook or just leave me a note in the comments about what you would like to do or think would be fun to use this cartridge for. I love to be inspired by all of you!

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Happy creating

Cricut St. Patrick’s Day Paper Crafts

by Richelle Naegle

With St. Patty’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would make a few Cricut St. Patrick’s Day paper crafts. I started with this super simple card.

St. Patrick’s Day Cricut Card

St. Patrick's Shamrock Card

For this card St. Patty’s Day Card I used the Circle Frame embossing folder. This is one of my absolute favorite embossing folders. I just can see so many possibilities of fun cards to make with this folder. After embossing the 5 x 7 card I used green ink to ink up the raised part of the card. The shamrock is cut out from Designers Calendar Cricut cartridge at 3”

Tip when inking paper: Don’t worry if you get too much in one spot; just add a little more to the other side to even it out!

Then I added a little faux stitching around the shamrock, and a green button in the center. You could also add a few pop dots to the back of the shamrock to give it a little extra dimension.

St. Patrick’s Day Scrapbook Layout

St. Patrick's Day Cricut Layout

Next on our list of Cricut St. Patrick’s Day paper crafts is this fun scrapbook album layout. This is a simple 12” x 12” layout. Using my scrap pile, I found 9 different green paper sheets you only needed 3” x 3” squares so you don’t need big pieces. The shamrock from the Designer’s Calendar Cricut cartridge cut out at 3″, The leprechaun is from the Simply Charmed Cricut cartridge he was cut out at 4” then I added some Copper stickles to his hat and for the button on his shirt. I used a peachy keen stamp for his face.

The pot of gold and the horse shoe was cut out from the Create a Critter cartridge the horse shoe was cardstock cut out at 4” and the pot of gold at 4” I did add the same copper stickles to the pot of gold. (I used copper instead of gold because I like how the color died darker) You could use the gold as well. Happy St. Patrick’s Day is from the Create A Critter 2 Cricut cartridge at 2”

Then I added a lot of faux stitching around the squares and all the fun St. Patrick’s cuts. This layout leaves for 4 places for pictures to be placed. If you had more you could either add a second 12” x 12” page or leave one of the objects off or cut one smaller so you could have it on the edge of a photo or something. While it was a little more work, still wouldn’t take to long.

St. Patrick’s Day Home Decor

St. Patrick's Day Cricut Home DecorFor the last St. Patrick’s Day Paper Crafts, I made an easy home décor project, and while I want to say it was quick it didn’t take a lot of work but waiting for pain and glue to dry does take some time. So if you plan to do other things in between this craft will go quickly.

Using a scrap piece of wood. This one was approximately 6” x 9” I painted the entire block black. You will want to let the paint completely dry, and may need a second coat or even just a few touch ups here and their.

Then I found this fun green scrap piece of paper, I cut my paper ½’” shorter than my block so I would have a small boarder around the paper. You could cut your paper to be the exact size of the block if you wanted.

Then using mod pod glue I glued the back and front of the paper, this is very important by using the glue on both sides it holds the paper down better and makes it so you don’t get the bubbles through your craft, and don’t worry about using to much it dries clear and you won’t even know it’s their. Then allow plenty of time for the glue to dry before adding the vinyl to it.

For the lettering I used the Junior font from the Extreme Fonts Cricut cartridge cut out “Lucky” at 1.25” Then using my gypsy I turned some of the letters because I didn’t want them all to be straight.

For the “may all your days be” I used the better with chocolate font from Type Candy Cricut cartridge cut out at .45” and the two little shamrocks are from Create A Critter 2 Cricut Cartridge at .75”

CGull glossy vinyl which is great vinyl, works with any die cutting machine and works just as good as the other types of vinyl but instead of being a dull finish has a nice shine to them. I cut all the images out using the white and green vinyl then transferred them to the block. Then I added a little sheer black ribbon to the top and you have a super easy St. Patrick’s Day paper craft. You can always go with classic Cricut vinyl, too.

Do you have some Cricut St. Patrick’s Day paper crafts you have made? Please share them with us on the Paper Crafting Fanatic’s Google + page, or leave me a link to your blog in the comments. I would love to see what you have created. This is the best place to buy Cricut Font cartridges, so save here.

Happy creating