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Straight from the Nest Cricut Cartridge Ideas (Part 1)

Cricut Straight From the Nest Project Ideaby Richelle Naegle

Check out Part 2 of this blog post.

How better to show someone how much you love them than by making them a handcrafted Valentine’s Day card? This card was created using the Straight from the Nest Cricut cartridge. It’s not one that you would normally look to when making a Valentines card, but this cartridge actually has some great phrases in it like Who Loves You?, You Make My (heart) Flutter, Sweetheart, and a lot more! This cartridge also has some great phrases for Birthday cards as well. Next time I need to make some birthday cards, I’m defiantly going to use this cartridge again.

For this card I really loved the flourish that it had, this cartridge does have quite a few fun ones, be sure to check them out. The overall size of the card is 5” x 5” and the image was cut from cardstock at 4.5”. The heart is from the Pink Journey Cricut cartridge, and was cut out at 2” then stamped with I love you as the sentiment. To give this card the extra bling that we all love I used the Uptown Girl Sparkle Lightz and just placed them in between all the little cut outs. I loved this project because I got to use two of my favorite cartridges.

Please share your Straight from the Nest Cricut cartridge ideas with us on our new Google + page Paper Crafting Fanatics page. What kind of cards and layouts can you come up with? As always, your comments and questions are welcome below. Thank you for sharing and please take advantage of our pricing on Solutions cartridges.

Happy creating!

Cricut Explore Giveaway

by Richelle Naegle
cricut explore giveaway

Winner Announced!

We are ever so excited that we finally have the Cricut Explore machine in for shipping and with that great news we have also selected a winner for our Explore giveaway. The winner is Sandy R. Robertson! Congratulations Sandy please contact us at so we can get your info and ship you out your machine. Thanks to everyone who participated!

As promised, CraftDirect is offering a free giveaway of the new Cricut Explore machine. You can enter to participate in the drawing starting now, up until March 13th*, 2014.

Are you as excited as we are about this fancy new machine? It’s the best of both world, with options for customized designs or the use of traditional Cricut cartridges to which you have grown accustomed. One lucky CraftDirect customer will be chose for our free giveaway. Will it be you?

How to Enter

There are 3 ways to enter for the drawing:

  1. Follow our CraftDirect Google+ page to get your name entered 1 time (any of our customers who are already following us will have their name automatically entered).
  2. Join our Google+ community called Paper Crafting Fanatics to get your name entered 1 time.
  3. Share a link on Google+ to our Cricut Explore page to get your name entered 2 times. Please see  the instructions below on how to properly share the link.

Also, feel free to follow me on Google+, I’ll follow you back. You can reach my page by clicking the link at the bottom of this article.

In order for us to track the link shares you must follow these specific steps:

  1. From your Google+ profile page, find the module that looks like this:
  2. When you select the “Link” feature, the module should look like this (with your mug, not mine):
  3. In the field where it says “Attach”, add the URL which should make your module look something like this:
  4. In the dialog bubble, please share your personal thoughts about the Explore. The most crucial part is that you include the hashtag #CraftDirectCricutExplore.  Without the hashtag, we won’t know you shared a link.
  5. Click “Share” in the bottom left corner, and you’re all set!

Please contact us  via e-mail or leave a comment below if any of this doesn’t make sense. You may not be active on Google+ or have an account. You may not even realize you have an account, but if you have gmail, then you probably do have a Google+ account that has not been activated. Signing up is easy, and it’s a great social media tool for businesses like CraftDirect to interact with customers. We are especially excited about the community we created, Paper Crafting Fanatics. This is a great platform for you to share your projects and ideas with other paper crafters.

Check Back for Updates and Results

For details about the Cricut Explore giveaway, the machine, and other related topics, the CraftDirect blog is your best friend. Check back frequently, and we’ll have video tutorials and demonstrations on what you can expect from this fancy new crafting tool. Thank you for your participation, and as always, happy crafting!

*We intend to announce the winner March 14th, based on our anticipation that we will have product ready to give away on March 15th. If, for whatever reason, our product availability date gets pushed back, we reserve the right to delay announcement of the winner.

Introducing the New Cricut Explore Machine

by Richelle Naegle

Update:  Entry for the contest has been closed, but we have yet to determine a winner. Unfortunately, Provo Craft has not made any machines available to us yet, so we don’t have any to give away at the moment. We hope to get product in early April. We will announce the winner when we have an Explore to give away. Hopefully Provo Craft can deliver soon!

We anticipate that the new Cricut Explore machine will be available to CraftDirect customers on March 15, 2014.  Stay tuned for more details.

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, the paper crafting world is going nuts over the news about Cricut’s brand new machine that is slated to hit the market in the upcoming weeks. The Cricut Explore will kick off 2014 with all the bells and whistles you could possibly ask for in a die-cutting machine. With several new features, Cricut is distinguishing itself as an industry leader. This machine bridges the gap between new school and old school with its patented Cut Smart technology and the ability to create designs both with software and the Cricut cartridges you have come to know and cricut explore machine

Cricut Design Space vs Cartridges

One of the beauties of Cricut is that its cartridges have allowed the less technologically inclined to operate their machines with ease. This was very appealing to many users, but many of their customers have yearned for something more customizable. The new Cricut Explore machine offers the best of both worlds. With the software application you can use image files to create the design you desire or you can rely on the tried and true old fashioned way, and put your Cricut cartridges to use.

cricute explore smart set dialCut Smart and Other Features

Not only does this feature allow for quieter operation, but it can simultaneously utilize the marker as it cuts with one simple pass of the blade. This is made possible by multiple housings that allow for more convenient functionality. Learn more about the Cut Smart technology that the new Cricut Explore machine offers, here.

Changing your blade settings is a snap with the smart set dial (image to the right) and this machine is compatible all kinds of materials, including cardstock, poster board, fabric, vinyl, and more.

 With blue tooth technology, the Cricut Design Space software can be operated with a wireless iPad, which indicates to the machine exactly how you want your project to be cut and marked. In addition to this, the machine offers convenient storage space for tools and more, for improved organization (see below).

storageStay Tuned for Unbeatable Offerings from CraftDirect

In the next few weeks we intend to offer more information, tutorials, promotions, and even giveaways related to the Cricut Explore, so check back with us about this exciting new product. We’ll have videos ready for your viewing pleasure as soon as possible.

As always, we appreciate hearing from our loyal customers, so please feel free to leave comments or questions. We have all the accessories you need, including Explore cutting mats and Cricut blades.