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About Scrapbook Glue & Adhesives

Not all adhesives are created equal. It is important to find a great craft glue or adhesive solution that works well specifically for the project that you are working on. You can save on glue and all the best art supplies right here at Explore fun options for you scrapbooking projects, like liquid glue, glue dots, tape, foam, and adhesive runner tape.

Types of Adhesives

  • Liquid Adhesive - This type of scrapbook adhesive works great for gluing paper to paper. Liquid adhesive doesn't dry super quickly so you have a little bit of time to get your paper lined up. An example of this would be when you are gluing your little Cricut cuts down but aren't sure exactly where you want each one. You can move the cuts around easily without having to worry about tearing your paper or having your cuts not lined up perfectly. Tombow Mono Aqua glue is perfect for this type of project.
  • Glue Dots - Glue dots generally come on a roll and are easily removed so you are able to place the dots on whatever project you have. The best thing about the glue dots is you don't have to wait for them to dry! You can just stick and you're done. The down side of glue dots is once they are down they are down for the count. If you take them off you run the risk of tearing or ripping your paper. Glue dots work great for photos because the scrapbook adhesive doesn't leave an impression on the photo. Glue dots come in a variety of sizes and styles.
  • Tape - Adhesive scrapbook tape is different than just regular scotch tape. Some examples of crafting tape are Terrifically Tacky Tape or double-sided tape. These types of tape each have adhesive on both sides and hold very well. Scrapbook tape generally comes on a roll and is easy to cut to any size. This type of tape is perfect for home decor or 3D projects. Because crafting tape holds paper together quickly and is very strong, there is no need to wait for glue to dry and trying to hold things in place until it does. Foam: Adhesive foam is perfect for adding some height to your projects. Foam dots have adhesive on both sides of the foam much like double sided tape, however foam is generally about 1/8" thick so you can pop out parts of your image.
  • Adhesive Tape Runners - Scrapbook tape runners are one of the most common and easy to use type of scrapbooking adhesives. These scrapbooking adhesive tape runners come in refillable plastic dispensers that you can just run along your paper and leave a little trail of adhesive. This type of tape dispenser is made to fit in the palm of your hand making it easy to use. Generally the adhesive tape runners have a little bit of give so you can move your paper around a bit to line things up without accidentally ruining your paper. Adhesive tape runners are great for all types of paper crafting projects.
  • Washi - Great for making borders, Washi tape is one-sided tape with fun and interesting designs. Here at CraftDirect we have dozens of options to choose from. No matter what type of crafting project you have, we have the perfect type of scrapbooking adhesive for any of your projects.

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