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we r memory keepers sew easy tools are great for adding a beautiful stitched line to your next paper crafting project.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy

If you are one who loves the look of stitched cards or scrapbook layouts but you don’t want to have to lug around your sewing machine, then this tool is definitely a must-have for you! With it’s easy to grip handle and easily interchangeable heads, the Sew Easy tool makes creating the stitched look on your next project a snap!

With the We R Memory Keepers sew easy starter kit you get everything you need to get started sewing. This kit consists of a plastic handle and 5 plastic removable heads. A convenient storage compartment is incorporated at the bottom that is perfect for storing sew easy needles in.

This sew easy starter kit also includes; a piercing mat and a variety of colors of sew floss. We also offer a large assortment of colors of sews easy floss and additional heads so you can create the beauty of a sewn project without having to lug out your sewing machine.

How to Use the We-R-Memory Keepers Sew Easy Tool?

  • Set your paper on the Sew Easy mat. The Sew Easy mat works better with this tool than a craft foam mat or a self healing mat. The mat is about 1” thick and allows the little piercing points to evenly piece your paper.
  • Firmly grip the handle with your pointer finger extended the length of the barrel, and slowly roll the piercing tool down the length of your paper to pierce the holes. Be sure to apply even pressure on the tool and not wobble side to side, which can cause your marks to be uneven.
  • If you used a heavier paper or didn’t apply enough pressure and your holes didn’t go all the way through, it’s ok. You can just use a push pin or piercing tool to make the holes go all the way through. 
  • Sew the floss through the pierced holes. With many of the piercing tool designs you have a few different ways you can sew them to make them look different. I suggest keeping the cardboard packaging so that you can see the variety of ways you can sew them.
  • If you don’t want to sew them with floss you can instead use a pen to draw the stitch marks

Tips and Tricks

  • Practice on a scrap paper to get the feel before using it on your project
  • Grip the handle with the pointer finger extended
  • Apply a firm steady pressure with the pointed finger not the palm
  • Roll the tool forward along the project at a slow to medium pace
  • Keep the tool piercing head level with the mat as it rolls (If the tool is tilted too far left or right the roller head will score the paper)
  • If for some reason a hole does not pierce completely, simply use the free needle to finish the piercing (This may happen on thicker or multiple sheets)
  • When used properly the sew easy tool creates small, perfectly aligned holes for a clean stitched look

Buy Sew Easy Tools Wholesale

We-R-Memory Keepers sew easy starter kit is the perfect way for you get started createing beautiful stitches easier and faster than you could with a sewing machine or by hand stitching!